Businesses need to look for downtown options

Published 10:07 am Tuesday, November 3, 2009

While catching up on the news in The Tribune, after being away for several days, I was greeted with the headlines, Wednesday, Oct. 21: “Social Security, KFC eye relocation.”

I would like to express my sadness at the thought of more businesses moving out of downtown.

As Mr. Waldo speculated, I too believe that two more businesses moving from downtown will make it feel even more like a ghost town.

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The more foot traffic we can keep downtown, the more businesses might want to locate there.

When we first moved here in 1967, we could shop all day in downtown Ironton. Just when it feels like things might be turning around, we receive this sad news.

It’s a WONDERFUL idea to build a hotel or motel in the Coryville area, or even somewhere in Ironton, as proposed some time ago. We surely can use one.

Many people have asked me where they can stay while visiting or working here.

It would make more since if Rax moved to the Coryville location, as they are already pretty far from downtown.

I can only speak for myself, but when Taco Bell moved out of downtown, I no longer eat there as often … out of sight, out of mind.

When I am in town doing business and smell KFC wafting through the air, it is very difficult to resist treating myself, and I often do … but there again … out of sight, out of mind.

It is my hope that KFC can find a “new home” downtown.

Charlotte Rowley