Public must get involved with its schools

Published 3:14 am Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First let me say that I strongly supported both women who were running for South Point Board of Education.

Their reputations speak for themselves, and, studies show that, “Women change the dynamics of transparency and openness. … Companies get into less trouble and have different risk profiles with more women board members.”

I think our new treasurer stands as proof of that statement.

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After reading all the blogs about different candidates this week, I was surprised that no one mentioned the one missing piece of our school board puzzle … our community!

No one comes to a school board meeting unless they’re either angry about something or they need something. If we can’t spend as much time at a school board meeting as we do at an athletic boosters or band boosters meeting, then how is our board supposed to know what we do expect from them?

Yes, some executive sessions are long, but, I’ll bet if there were 100 people sitting outside waiting at every meeting instead of four or five employees, things would change.

If we truly expect things to change at South Point Schools, or any school for that matter, more people need to become engaged and involved.

It’s not the board’s job to come to you seeking change. You need to go to them.

Board meetings are the second Monday of the month, and are always posted in The Tribune. Hope to see you there!

Sandi Baise

South Point