LAWSUITS – 11/09/09

Published 9:55 am Monday, November 9, 2009

—Lendmark Financial Services vs. Sheila Pennisten, $6.070.52 plus interest and costs

—Capital One vs. Mark A.Dotson, $1.262.55 plus interest and costs.

—Capital One vs. Christina Vangundy, $1,131.10 plus interest and costs

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—City National Bank vs. Robert M. Yates, et al, $183,105.70 plus interest and costs

— Chase Home Finance vs. Michael R. Malone, et al, foreclosure

—BAC Home Loans vs. Brian D. Topping, foreclosure

—Carolyn R. Bond vs. Security Properties Investment, plaintiff seeks unspecified damages for injuries sustained in fall

— United State of America vs. Pauline B. McGinnis, foreclosure

— U.S. Bank vs. Thomas Wilcox, foreclosure

—Vanderbilt Mortgage vs. Janice M. Walls, foreclosure

—Retail Recovery vs. Melissa Williams, $1,175.73 plus interest and costs

—Carolyn Brammer vs. Thomas Bellville, plaintiff seeks possession of property

—Citi Mortgage vs. Karl E. Vanderpool, foreclosure

—Capital One vs. Laura E. Wheeler Payne, $1,296.96 plus interest and costs

—Citifinancial vs. Melissa Knipp, foreclosure

—American General Finance vs. Judith Riley, $21,879.82 plus interest and costs

—Vanderbilt Mortgage vs. Sonny Steele, foreclosure

—Alex Gillispie vs. Stephen Nichols, plaintiff seeks an amount in excess of $25,000 for injuries sustained in auto accident