Wilson concerned about party not the public

Published 9:49 am Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Once again Mr. Charlie Wilson is voting with the Democratic Party instead of the people who elected him.

He voted for the health bill that will cut up to $500 billion dollars out of Medicare for ALL senior citizens.

Just what will this do for each and every senior citizen?

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Well, first of all, we will be denied the care that we could now get because the money to pay for our treatment will no longer be there.

We, the senior citizens, will have to pay the total cost of what we need for treatment because we will be denied coverage due to the Medicare cuts that Wilson voted to enact.

I hope that you senior citizens and families who have mothers and dads who will be denied coverage will remember just what Mr. Wilson has wished upon all seniors, whether Democrats or Republicans. He will vote for what his party wants and to heck with what we, the people, want.

Maybe you, the people, will remember him on November 2010 when it is time to vote for the person who puts party ahead of the people.

Only time will tell just what else he will vote for that is bad for our country, namely Cap and Trade that will further erode jobs out of our country let alone raise the gas and electric bills that we the people have to pay.

However, it is what his party wants, not what we the people want. When will the people wake up to what is best for us, not the “party?”

Homer L. Campbell