Clark showed volunteerism

Published 11:09 am Thursday, November 12, 2009

Perhaps better than anyone, Doug Clark knew the Lawrence County Fair was far more than a one-week event that happened each year.

The longtime fair board member was a dedicated community volunteer who donated countless hours each year to make sure this event went smoothly and also to help out with other needs here in Lawrence County. It is impossible to measure the thousands of youth whose lives he impacted over the years.

Clark died Sunday at the age of 59 after a battle with cancer.

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He should be remembered for his efforts and dedication, joining dozens of other volunteers to perform a relatively thankless job.

See, Clark understood that the county fair was far more than just a week-long showcase for youth from rural Lawrence County. It is those things, but also so much more.

The county fair is a part of southern Ohio culture. It is part of our community and has an economic or social impact across the entire region.

Doug Clark understood that. That is partly why he gave up lots of nights and weekends throughout the year to ensure this event rolled on and offered something for everyone.

Clark will be missed by friends and family and we will all be reminded of that void this summer. We hope the fair board takes a long, hard look at what it can do this year to honor Clark and all the other dedicated volunteers who have moved on.

Doug Clark’s legacy will live on in the hearts of all those he touched over the years and in the barns, fields and grandstands of the fairgrounds that come to life every July.