Coach Lutz leads community by his example

Published 10:08 am Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Congratulations Ironton High School football fans, this is your day. This day marks the culmination of four decades of blood, sweat and cheers. Today you can take pride in the accomplishments of your athletic program.

Today you can revel in an historic event that others only dream of. Today, your head football coach stands as the winningest coach ever in Ohio high school football history.

With 374 high school coaches vying for this honor, our beloved coach has reached the pinnacle of his career. Coach Lutz has surpassed all others in total victories.

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Coach Lutz would be the first to downplay the honors due him. He gives credit to his assistant coaches, players, loyal fans and followers over the past 40 years. This also is very appropriate for no man is an island.

We touch other lives around us by serving fellow citizens in the capacity in which we are trained.

A few close friends and well wishers really know the tremendous pressure Bob has endured in running the team and bringing this goal to fruition. Bob Lutz is a man of action and few words.

He exhibits a tremendous desire to win, coupled with an unfaltering determination. He has surrounded himself with knowledgeable coaches who buy into his philosophy that hard work is the key to success.

Bob is a winner in life, the type of man to whom we can entrust the role of teaching our young athletes.

We’ve followed this technique and exciting team for years, with Tiger pride, listening to the praise of our opponents concerning our coaching staff and players, the professionalism of our coaches, the execution by our players, and gratitude of Tiger fans. This is definitely a class act we can be proud of.

Bob’s wife, throughout her illness, has insisted he be all he could be in his love for the game, as a mentor. And for this, we are grateful and appreciative of the Lutz family.

We salute your unwavering trust in the Tiger Clan and people who realize the unselfish effort and sacrifice of your family.

Thank you Bob for a job well done. We wish our team continued success in the playoffs May God continue to bless your efforts to set the standards that make our kids at Ironton the best they can be.

Donald Frazee