Probation violators sentenced

Published 10:02 am Monday, November 23, 2009

In spite of her contention that she was “not out getting into trouble,” a Proctorville woman found guilty of violating her probation last week will go to prison for 40 months.

Beverly Singer, 29, of 107 Front St., Proctorville, was on probation for a 2007 complicity to burglary conviction.

Wednesday, Judge Charles Cooper found her guilty of failing to report to her probation officer and failing to pay her court costs in spite of Singer’s contention she had not meant to violate her probation.

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Chief Probation Officer Carl Bowen II said the last time Singer had reported to his office was July 24, 2008. Until then, she had reported regularly. After that, she simply stopped. She was arrested in Proctorville earlier this month.

“She should have reported the fifth and 20th of every month,” Bowen said.

He said she did call once after that and left a message but did not make any phone calls after that and did not come in person to the probation office.

Bowen said Singer had moved from Ashland, Ky., to Proctorville without telling the probation office — people on probation are required to report changes of address, employment and other personal information.

Singer said she had had a lot of medical problems and might even have a brain tumor. She said at one point she and her family were homeless and she was unable to report, given her circumstances.

“I got scared and I didn’t know what to do,” Singer told Cooper.

But Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Bob Anderson pointed out that even after she got out of the hospital, she still failed to report.

“The times that you did report, you never found them unreasonable, did you?”

Singer contended she had called the probation agency more than once.

“I’m sorry for this,” Singer told Cooper. “I didn’t mean to just not report. I really did call. I was trying to get back on my feet after my husband lost his job. I wasn’t out getting into trouble.”

Anderson said when she was placed on probation, four years in prison was hanging over her head if she failed to abide by the term of her probation. Cooper imposed all but four months of that prison sentence.

Singer was one of several probation violators appearing in court Wednesday.

Lisa Hastings, 31, of 402 Brubaker St., South Point, admitted she violated her probation by failing to report to her probation officer.

Cooper sentenced her to 10 months in prison. Hastings was on probation for an earlier drug conviction.

One probation violator recently found hiding behind a lazy susan in an effort to avoid apprehension admitted he violated his probation and pleaded guilty to another unrelated burglary charge.

Judge D. Scott Bowling sentenced Brandon Stewart, 24, of 311 Wilgus St., Proctorville, to three years in prison for the probation violation plus three years in prison for the burglary, for a total of six years in prison.

Stewart was on the Adult Probation Agency’s Most Wanted list the week of Oct 12. He was found a few days later hiding behind a lazy susan in a kitchen cabinet in a house in Proctorville.

Teddy E. Arrington, 32, of 96 Private Drive 10948, Chesapeake, admitted he violated his probation by not reporting to his probation officer and testing positive for drug use.

“He got out of prison on judicial release and unfortunately fell back in with the old environment he had been in previously and it was not a productive one,” Arrington’s attorney, Chris Delawder, explained.

Cooper sentenced him to eight months in prison.