‘Just saying no’ starts with plan

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It is no secret that drug abuse continues to be among the largest problems facing Lawrence County.

While law enforcement is working to do its part, it is encouraging to see area organizations and school districts doing working to stop abuse before it ever begins.

“Just say no” may sound like a cliché but the reality is that education is the most important tool our community can use in this ever-growing battle.

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King’s Daughters Medical Center recently unveiled a new community outreach program: “The Truth About Drugs: Get the Real Facts.”

The goal is to educate youth about why they should say no and also how to say no.

Ironton Middle School students got a chance to see first-hand the importance last week in this program that illustrated the damages caused by alcohol, cocaine, steroids, crack, marijuana and addictive prescription drugs.

The program was developed using materials from a Drug-Free Foundation and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Other schools interested in scheduling the program can call KDMC at (606) 408-4151.

This was followed by a presentation Tuesday at IHS that shared with students a personal story of a mother losing her son to drug addiction.

These are both positive steps and mirror efforts other districts are taking to educate our youth about the real dangers drugs pose to themselves, their families and the entire community.

Fighting the epidemic of drug abuse is a battle that must be waged on a variety of fronts, none of which are more important than educating our youth.