Movie extras can represent community

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ironton has an opportunity to show the character of the entire community and honor one of its fallen heroes at the same time.

On Dec. 5, production crews from Washington, D. C. based Two-Meter Films will be in the city to film scenes from an independent film “The Shoebox.” The movie tells the true story of three strangers — one from Ironton — who are brought together by a little girl none would ever meet. They write a song in her honor and discover the joys of life and the power of the human spirit.

But the movie starts in Ironton with the story of Shane Jones, an Ironton youth who lost a battle with leukemia in October 2002 but his courage and spirit captured the hearts of many residents.

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Producers seek thousands of extras to recreate two scenes that are integral to the movie. Filming is set for Saturday, Dec. 5, at the Ironton High School gymnasium. Tentatively, the hours will be from 4-8 p.m.

We hope all those who love Ironton come out to show their support and let everyone see how close-knit our community is.

Plus, this is a way to honor the memory of Jones and Meghan Mack, the little girl the movie is based upon.

Each and every person can relate to the loss of loved ones. It is that loss — even of a total stranger — that brought these three men together but it is love and togetherness that shone through in the end.

And it is those traits we hope to see captured on film for all to see.