‘Shoebox’ filming comes to Ironton Saturday

Published 9:51 am Monday, November 30, 2009

Only five days remain until Two Meter Films, an independent movie production company from Washington D.C., arrives in Ironton to shoot the final two scenes of the locally inspired movie, “The Shoebox”.

On Saturday at 4 pm at the Ironton High School gymnasium, a fundraising scene will be recreated in honor of Shane Jones, whose “Never Give Up” attitude is the basis of the film.

Jones died in October, 2002, at the age of 13, after an extended battle with leukemia.

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Before he left this world, however, he implanted his attitude into many local minds.

Through a nationally known Web site called Caringbridge, his parents, Patty and Shawn Jones, were able to post daily updates about Shane from his room at Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

It was via that Web site that a 2-year-old little girl from Titusville, Fla. endeared herself to the hearts of many of Shane’s followers.

In February, 2003, that little girl, Meghan Marie Mack, suffered the same fate as Jones.

But not before her story ensnared three complete strangers, inspiring them to work together to preserve her memory for others via a simple song.

Two songs, both written locally to honor these children, created a bond between Shane and Meghan and their families, forming the basis of The Shoebox.

Now, that story is about to take movie form.

Aside from the fundraising scene, which opens the film to introduce Shane Jones, the final scene, a Light the Night ceremony honoring Meghan Mack, will also be shot outside on Saturday night.

Light the Night is a cancer awareness event that focuses attention on the disease while also memorializing those whose lives it has claimed.

Throngs of extras will be needed to make these two scenes successful. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.

Patty and Shawn Jones have recently begun printing T-shirts to honor their son; the same “Never Give Up” T-shirts many people wore seven years ago in support of Shane and his fight.

All proceeds from the T-shirts will fund a scholarship in the name of Shane and his hero, the late Jeff Carty.

Two Meter Films is hoping that a large number of those appearing as extras in the film will wear one of these shirts during the movie shoot.

This scholarship, entitled the Shane Jones/Jeff Carty “Never Give Up” Scholarship, was formed immediately after Shane passed away to provide academic assistance to IHS seniors who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in life.

The funding for the scholarship ran dry a few years ago, forcing the Joneses to fund it out of their own pockets.

Beginning on Wednesday, the entire cast and production crew for The Shoebox, which has filmed all summer in D.C., Maryland and Nashville, will come to Ironton. Meghan Mack’s parents, Carol and Tommy Lee, Jr., along with her brother, Tommy Lee III (“T3”) will also be in attendance.

Two Meter Films chose Ironton to shoot these two scenes because this is where it all started, with Shane.

They were inspired by the community support shown to the Jones family in 2002 and are hoping they will witness that support once again.

To pre-order one of the T-Shirts, which are being printed at Bob Linn’s Sporting Goods, or to ask about the movie, contact Patty Jones at (740) 533-9049 or Sally Jones at (740) 532-5227.