Census work vital to region

Published 10:13 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The 2010 census could be important to Lawrence County on an individual level as well as for the government.

Census data is utilized by the federal and state government to determine funding eligibility, elected representation and by local government to make a variety of other decisions.

This data could be very important to the county’s future when it comes to infrastructure and other programs.

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Historically, Lawrence Countians have done a less than exemplary job of completing the data, often falling well below the state averages.

This needs to change now.

Residents have absolutely no reason to be fearful of providing this data and shouldn’t worry about the security of their identity.

This data is recorded simply as a measure of the social and economic factors that make up the community.

Plus, the U.S. Census Bureau will give residents the chance to earn some extra money because it will employ dozens of temporary workers to collect this data.

In addition to supervisory positions, field workers will conduct brief personal interviews, help neighbors complete questionnaires and record responses on paper forms.

Although these positions are only temporary, it will provide a short-term stimulus to our economy. With wages that range from $8.25 to $19.50 per hour this could be the difference for a number of families that are looking for a positive start to 2010.

Those interested can call (866) 861-2010 or visit www.census.gov/detroit to apply.

Every citizen counts when it comes to counting citizens.