Don’t buy into Wilson’s rhetoric on health care

Published 9:45 am Friday, December 4, 2009

For those who think that Mr. Charlie Wilson has done so much for everyone, here is a question for you. Just who will pay for the health care bill that he voted for?

When America was formed and our Constitution was drafted we were told by the Bible “all men are created equal.” Well, that doesn’t mean that the working man or the companies are to give what they earn to support those who don’t work.

From the time that I was a young boy I was taught to work. I pumped gas for .25 cents an hour to the time that I retired. I worked for everything that we now have. Nobody gave me anything. God allowed me to earn a living.

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Now that I’m retired and have Medicare those who want to see my Medicare be cut don’t think that this will affect them.

You take $500 billion out of Medicare and see how much will be left for the senior citizens. Of course we are old and should just shut up and die anyway or at least this is what you are praising the Democrats for. And as for it being bi-partisan, if only one Republican is for it, I don’t call that agreed to by both parties.

Also, do you think the insurance will be free? Well, you are dreaming because it must be purchased, and then the policies (even Medicare) only cover 80 percent of the bill leaving you the remainder to be paid for.

Now that I’m past 75 and have worked until retirement you are taking the Medicare away from me (the $500 billion) that we could get in coverage and giving it to those who don’t work, or have never worked. Of course this is America, the home of the freeloader and not those who worked for a living. Most people in this country think that they are entitled to everything whether they work or not.

This attitude will bankrupt America and Mr. Wilson will help with the rest of the people who think this way.

Homer Campbell