Published 10:53 am Monday, December 7, 2009

—   Lawrence County Sheriff to HSBC Mortgage Services, Union Township, $31,000.

—   HSBC Mortgage Services to Zachariah and Amanda Dingus, Union Township, $50,000.

—   C.A.C. Properties to Isom and Sandra Ooten, Rome Township, $95,000.

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—   Walter Moore and Penny Moore to Vanderbilt Mortgage Finance, Rome Township, $3,235.

—   Countrytyme Servicing to John Dailey and Terri Dailey, Symmes Township, $17,200.

—   Jack Martin Osborne to James W. and Mary Monte, city of Ironton, 5,500.

—   Ford Delawder, et al, to Randy Delawder and Trudy Delawder, Elizabeth Township, $34,844.

—   Robert L. Radav vs. Scott Holschuh, city of Ironton, $25,000.

—   Mary R. Leach to Scott Holschuh, city of Ironton, $25,000.

—   Joseph Conroy and Judith Conroy to James and Pauletta Bartram, city of Ironton, $112,500.

—   Sheila D. Crum to Brenda G. Cook, village of South Point, $58,000.

—   Andrew C. Dean to Ironton Lawrence County Community Action Organization, city of Ironton, $130,000.

—   Mohammed El-Awady and Hala El-Skikh to Adenrele and Omolola Olajide, Rome Township, $330,000.

—   Deutsche Bank National Trust to Ronald Keith Moore, Union Township, $47,500.

—   Scott and Amanda Davis to Jennifer Napier, Rome Township, $102,000.

—   James Napier to Al Napier, Perry Township, $4,900.

—   Ricky McCleese to Greg and Nora McCleese, Aid Township, $23,800.

—   JoAnn Ratliff to Randall and Terri Lambert, Windsor Township, $2,500.

—   Jay Zornes and Rebecca Zornes to Jay Zornes and William Hensley, city of Ironton, $19,300.

—   Derl Wallace and Shelby Wallace to Brittany Freeman and Eric Freeman, Perry Township, $156,000.

—   Billy and Linda Gannon to John and Tosha Forth, Perry Township, $125,500.

—   Paul Grant, et al, to John and Carol Seward, city of Ironton, $20,000.

—   Merlin Ray Roman, et al, to Donna Haas and Karen Shaffer, Fayette Township, $108,600.

—   Michael Radcliff and Jennifer Radcliff to Thuc Dang and Boi Tang, Union Township, $105,800.

—   Susan and Daniel Justice to Timothy Humphrey, Lawrence Township, $62,500.

—   Albert and Ethel Cogan to Herman Lambert, et al, village of South Point, $67,800.

—   Helen Egnor to Barry Fannin, Fayette Township, $118,000.

—   Charles Field III to Herbert and Beverly Nida, Union Township, $62,500.

—   Clint Williamson, et al, to Brent Ferrell Jr., Fayette Township, $89,500.

—   Joshua Moore and Ronald Keith and Kimberly Moore, Fayette Township, $4,000.

—   Nancy J. Clark Butcher, et al, to Dan and Rena Fulks, Fayette Township, $1,000.

—   Andrea Stickler, et al, Errol Christos, Rome Township, $194,000.

—   Riley Development LLC to Amira Khokar, Union Township, $175,000.