Church to host live nativity drama

Published 9:27 am Tuesday, December 8, 2009

COAL GROVE — It may be a 2000 year old story, but it is one that Zoar Baptist Church is hoping to bring to life. The church, located in Coal Grove, is hosting a live nativity drama for three nights next week.

Besides acting, the drama will also feature songs and, of course, live barnyard animals.

The church has performed the play for approximately the past 15 years, a few of which the church alternated the play with a choir cantata, Pastor Jim Beals said.

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The play will illustrate the birth of Jesus, from its announcement by angels to Mary and Joseph seeking a room at the inn.

But the play does not stop there. It will also include a narration about the death, resurrection and future coming of Christ, Beals said.

“Some people don’t know the complete story of Jesus,” he said, adding that the play tells the whole story. “They’ll hear the Gospel message.”

Last year the play drew such a crowd that the church decided to have it again this year. Light rain on one of the nights did not even hamper the crowd of between 150-200.

“If it rains much we can’t have it,” he said, adding that the drama requires sound and lighting equipment that rain would damage. “We put out the chairs and surprisingly we have a decent crowd.”

Interest this year will determine if the church will host it again next year.

Between the men who construct the scenery to the volunteers who help the actors get dressed, the play requires the help of about 70 church members.

“There’s a lot of work,” Beals said. The manger scenery by itself is 30 feet long. “But if there’s a lot of interest we will possibly do it again next year.”

Church member Brenda Spears said the 45-minute drama is full of emotion.

“It’s really a beautiful performance,” Spears said.

The church will host the nativity drama at 7 p.m. Dec. 16, 17 and 18. A rain date will be Saturday, Dec. 19.

The event is free and the church will also offer free coffee and hot chocolate.