Charlie Wilson leaves out details of health plan

Published 11:33 am Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This is in response to Charlie Wilson’s letter about his health care vote. It definitely sounds like a great program and I wish it was all true but let us stop to consider the things Charlie left out of his letter.

First, can you name me one thing the government has ever done that has been a success? He fails to mention the short staffed health care system that would have 40 million new users (abusers) overnight.

Are you aware that basically every government paid health care program has a waiting list right now?

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He fails to mention the health care system would become 100 percent unionized overnight.

“Sorry about your life saving emergency operation sir, but the doctor is on his 8-hour mandated union break right now and you are 12th in line. Hope you don’t die.”

He doesn’t mention the waiting lists and lines that anything free brings with it. He makes suggestions the budget would be decreased by this plan.

Hmmm, the Post Office, SSI, Medicaid and Medicare didn’t decrease any federal budget and are all broke.

If I call my sister and tell her I am going to start paying for all her health care and while I am doing this I am going to have more money in my bank account. Do people actually believe this stuff?

He fails to mention the robbing of the elderly and the youth to pay for some of it and the fact that you will go to jail for not having it.

Look at the bright side, at least you will have free health care in jail. He fails to realize that a large percentage of your health care dollars goes to fund mostly frivolous litigation settlements but we don’t see tort reform in the plan do we?

Maybe it is easier to write the words “free abortions” than to write “tort reform.”

He fails to mention that small business will be required to provide health care to all workers or pay big fines. A requirement that will cause hundreds of good businesses to go bankrupt or decrease staff in a bad economy.

I can go on all day with what he failed to mention.

President Obama was speaking about health care to George Stephanopolis and said, “It should not be required of any American to pay the burden of any other American.”

Wow, that is a plan I can support in all areas of government.

Let’s write that up into law, get back to earning a living by hard work, purchase only what we can afford and take responsibility for our own actions and families.

I would hope that every American is insured but Health Care reform can NOT overlook every aspect of the problem and simply pick and choose what best suits the desires of the party in power. Reform it all or leave it all alone.

Hey Charlie Wilson, address these issues in the plan and I’m all for it the same as you.

Joe Freeman

Crown City