Democrats fight for social services for needy

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, December 12, 2009

“For with God, nothing shall be impossible.” With America, and especially with the Republican Party, giving every citizen access to decent health care, like so many countries in the world have done, seems impossible.

Some cannot stand the thought of charity because their lives were filled with responsibility. Someone may get a free ride at their expense.

Little children, sick and crippled men and women abound in this country. Charity is all they have.

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Imagine how it must feel to be called a “freeloader.” How awful! Poverty and homelessness grows in America and around the world.

I know giving help to the least, the poor, sick and homeless won’t bankrupt America but standing against it may bankrupt a person’s heart.

If much is given to you, then much is expected of you. For you were surely blessed with the ability to give. Giving is a true blessing in this world of great need. Giving should be especially important for those who believe in the “lamb,” who sacrificed all for everyone.

Getting back to stark reality, the Democratic Party, especially the liberals, fought long and hard to create Medicare.

It was the Republican Party they fought. Democrats continue to fight to keep social safety nets for the underprivileged in place.

Congressman Charlie Wilson hears the needs of everyone in this area, not just the Ebenezer Scrooge crowd.

Patricia Littlejohn

Kitts Hill