Maybe ‘death penalty’ just needs name change

Published 10:40 pm Saturday, December 19, 2009

The State of Ohio has just approved a new method of execution after much legal wrangling and controversy. Here is an idea: Send the condemned convicts to abortion clinics.

I am sure the staff there would be glad to kill the convict as long as they were paid.

They have no qualms about killing innocent unborn babies. Surely they would have no problem killing a guilty convict that deserves to die.

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The courts have already approved the methods for killing unborn babies.

They certainly could not rule it as “cruel” if abortion was performed on an adult. Democrat supporters claim abortion is painless to the unborn baby. If it does not hurt a fragile baby, it should not hurt a hardened adult convict.

The courts could not rule that it was “unusual” since abortion is used thousands of times a day in this country.

There have been millions of abortions in the U.S. since the Supreme Court approved this “procedure.” If abortion is not considered “cruel and unusual punishment” for an innocent unborn baby, it certainly should be OK for felons.

The abortionist would probably want to avoid the procedure where the head is pulled off. It might produce a lot of blood when used on an adult.

Maybe they could use the procedure where a large needle is pushed into the brain so it would not be so messy. The anatomy of an unborn baby is the same as an adult. Just smaller and not fully developed.

We could just leave it up to the abortionist to use whatever method he or she wanted to execute convicts since the courts don’t care what procedures abortionists use.

If anyone objects, the legislature could just redefine execution as “state assisted suicide” and that would make most people feel OK. If anyone still objects, just find a liberal judge that will rule that condemned convicts are not human beings, but “mature fetuses” and that will settle all legal issues.

I am certain president Obama and most Democrat legislators would be eager to include this plan in their health care reform because it would transfer more tax dollars to their friends and strong supporters.

Once people get used to it, this plan could be used to save medical expenses and help the economy by greatly expanding the number of people that could be easily killed: the terminally ill, comatose patients, handicapped, mentally ill, the aged or anyone else that wanted to die or needed to be killed.

Just label it the “right to die” or “death with dignity” and the majority will think there is no problem and silently accept it.

David E. Haney