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Shopping for dinner, helping others

Anyone who wants to donate to the less fortunate and still needs to pick up food for holiday festivities can do both at the Pick’n Save in Ironton.

The store, along with other store locations, is participating in a program called Food For All. The program allows customers to donate in $1, $3 and $5 dollar increments to a local charitable organization. At the Ironton location, all donations made will benefit the City Welfare Mission.

“This is probably one of the best programs I’ve seen,” Chuck Donohoo, area manager for Pick’n Save, said.

Customers can pick up coupons while standing in line to check out. The coupons are designated for each of the three amounts. As the coupons are scanned, the donation amount is added to the customer’s grocery bill. The store will then add that amount to the total amount of the donation to the mission.

Donohoo said while he has been there, the store has always worked with the city mission.

“I’ve been here 16 years and I’ve worked with the City Mission for 16 straight years,” he said.

The mission is an organization that operates all year and does not turn people away, Donohoo said.

Should anyone come into the store and asking for help meeting needs, store employees refer them to the city mission.

The store is also a drop off location for food donations to the mission.

“Once people know that there’s a spot, you’d be surprised at how they give,” Donohoo said, adding that people have even stopped him in line to checkout and asked about places to drop off donations.

Store employees are also helping in another way this year.

The employees have donated $100 of their money to pay for canned food donations to the mission.

“We’re always glad to help people in need,” Bonnie Sparks, deli/bakery manager of the store, said.