Glass-breaking singer releases books

Published 11:01 pm Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A glass-breaking singer is adding author to an already impressive list of accomplishments.

Jaime Vendera of Franklin Furnace who was featured on the show “Myth Busters” as the first person to break glass using his voice alone, has released five books.

Three of his books are designed to help singers improve their craft. They include three in his Raise your Voice set: Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition, The Ultimate Breathing Workout and the Ultimate Vocal Workout Diary.

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Vendera has been singing since he was a child and began playing in clubs as a teenager. Vendera played 50 weekends during his first year of playing clubs.

“During that time, I discovered that I needed some guidance because there were nights when it really hurt my throat to sing,” he said. “So I began studying voice with various coaches including (80s band Nitro singer) Jim Gillette.”

The things he learned from those vocal coaches are featured in the books.

While these books are meant to give people the tools they need to maintain their voice, Vendera admits that not everyone will be able to break glass with their voice.

“Anyone can learn to play basketball but it doesn’t mean they will be proficient,” he said. “You have to have a lot of power to break glasses, especially the ones I break which are Schott Zwiesel Titanium wine glasses, not lead crystal, which means they are a harder glass to break. I’ve seen kids breaking glasses on Youtube now that I’ve done it, but I guarantee they aren’t Schott Zwiesel.

“However, it still takes power and accuracy for them to do it. So yes it can it be done, but you need accuracy and power.”

Vendera is also the author of Mindset and The 11 Steps to Writing, Designing, Creating and Self-Publishing Your Very Own How-To Book, Ebook or Manual.

Vendera decided to write Raise Your Voice in January 2000. The process took him over three years. He said he has learned much about writing since then and wrote Mindset in three days. His wife, Diana, owns a publishing company,

Mindset, Vendera said, is about charging people’s success drive and creativity.

The fifth book, 11 Steps was written with the intention of helping people publish a book,

“I want people to be able to publish a great quality book on their own and learn from my mistakes I’ve made over the past five years of publishing, so they can avoid the pitfalls,” Vendera said.

In addition to books he has already written, Vendera is already working towards four more books.

Those books include a follow-up to Mindset, two about vocals entitled Sing out Loud and Scream.

The fourth book The Air & Water Diet, is not actually a diet book, but a way to show people they can get more oxygen to boost metabolism and drink water to keep the body clean.

The singer and vocal coach has also been featured on two Japanese shows, both of which were filmed at Shawnee State University and on a show in France.

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