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Resolutions can work if focused on community

New Year’s resolutions typically fade as quickly as the motivations of what lead to the short-lived vows in the first place.

But what if it was an entire community making individual resolutions to make positive changes happen on their own instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

Would this collective effort garner better results than those personal commitments that often leave people upset when they fail? We think it might because the success would be judged on the whole instead of the sum of its parts.

By taking a year-long approach to this, with the community working together toward this broad goal, that means it wouldn’t be so important for each individual to maintain this all year. The vital thing would be that every citizen does his or her part some time throughout the year, adding up in the end.

Instead of resolutions like losing weight, to stop smoking or to exercise more, why not vow to do something that could have a lasting impact on the community?

Because 2010 starts the second decade of the 21st century, now is the perfect year to make a change.

The opportunities are endless.

You could make a resolution to volunteer for at least one more civic project.

Or commit to helping someone in need either through donations or personal action.

Or maybe make an effort to be nicer to friends and strangers alike.

What about getting involved in what is going on in our communities by staying informed, learning about local government and making your voice heard.

Think about every purchase you make and ask yourself: Could this be purchased locally?

These are just a few suggestions.

How will you make a difference in the New Year?