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Letter writer misses point of weighing in on world

In a letter on Dec. 23, Mr. Burcham made a personal attack against what I write to the newspaper.

Well, let’s set the record straight. First, what I write are facts, not fiction.

My complaining is about what is being taken from not only myself, but all senior citizens. It is about the $500 billion dollars that is taken from all seniors.

Evidently Mr. Burcham has no mother or father that this will affect.

And as for “Dubya” sending all our money to Iraq, if he will just check the total budget for everything that was done while “Dubya” was president for eight years, for the perks, the budget and everything else the total deficit went up $5 trillion dollars for the total eight years that he was in office.

That is fact not fiction.

You praise Obama for his 11 months in office and the deficit is now risen by more than $2 trillion dollars. Again, facts not fiction.

As for your serving in the Air Force, well I spent four years in service during the Korean Conflict serving our country, and lost a brother in WWII also.

You say you were taught “if you if you can’t say something good about somebody, say nothing at all.” Evidently you didn’t learn it very well.

Now, as a man of the “cloth,” as you say, just show me by the Bible where I have erred and I’ll retract any statement that was printed.

When God calls a preacher it is to preach his word, not to go along with the world. We are told in the Bible that the world is in enmity with God and his word.

No, we don’t keep people out of our church and you will never know just how many that we have helped who do not even belong to our church. And if you don’t believe the Bible I definitely do not covet your prayers.

Homer Campbell