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Coal Grove to appoint new police chief

The Village of Coal Grove will be appointing a new police chief soon. Former Police Chief Jason Bloomfield stepped down from the position late last year. Dec. 25 was Bloomfield’s last day.

Broomfield stepped down to accept a position at the Federal Correctional Institution in Ashland.

“We hate to lose Mr. Bloomfield but he’s got a family and three kids and he took this job making more money,” said Coal Grove Village Mayor Larry McDaniel.

Bloomfield had been police chief since being appointed by McDaniel when he took office six years ago.

“Jason (is) a good person,” Assistant Chief Eric Spurlock said. “I hate to lose him but everyone moves on and I’m tickled to death for him.

“He’s a person, too, that anytime you needed something he’d be right there to do it for you.”

McDaniel said he wants to appoint someone from the police department to replace Bloomfield.

“That’s my intention,” he said. “The mayor appoints and the council has to approve.”

An organizational meeting for the village is scheduled for Tuesday evening. McDaniel said he would like to appoint someone during the meeting.

Spurlock said he will be appointed to the position.

Opting to wait until the meeting Tuesday night, McDaniel declined to say for sure if he plans to appoint Spurlock.

“That’s a possibility,” he said.

Spurlock has been working for the department for eight years, roughly the same amount of time that Bloomfield had been working there.

If appointed, Spurlock plans to tackle drug problems in the village first. The community used to be a place where people could leave their doors unlocked, but that is no longer the case, he said.

“I’m going to take my village back,” he said.