Ad campaign is right move

Published 9:44 am Thursday, January 7, 2010

Although the description may fit, we don’t want Lawrence County and Ohio to be one of the nation’s best kept secrets.

In fact, we want everyone talking about how the state and, ultimately, the region is one of the best places for business growth and quality of life.

That is exactly what an ad campaign by the Ohio Business Development Coalition, the Columbus-based non-profit that markets the state, is trying to do. And, for once, southern Ohio hasn’t been forgotten in these efforts.

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The marketing campaign that includes You Tube videos and full page advertising in the Wall Street Journal is designed to show that Ohio is business-friendly an that family is still and important part.

South Point’s McGinnis Inc. and its president Rick Griffith have been featured in this advertising series.

We applaud the state for taking this long-term approach that is designed to strengthen Ohio’s image and share some of its tremendous assets and countless success stories.

Perception too often becomes reality so it is vital that the state works to overcome the negative image and stereotypes that it has become associated with in recent years.

And it appears that this marketing initiative is working.

The Ohio Coalition utilizes a brand-equity study to track how the perception of Ohio changes over the course of time. The results show that the state has benefitted from an 11 percent increase in a positive point of view.

It shouldn’t be a secret that Ohio is ready for business success.