Expert: Silence common in domestic cases

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amidst allegations of domestic abuse, no one may ever know exactly what happened between John and Linda Miller.

But for Elaine Payne, director of the Lawrence County Domestic Violence Task Force, stories of women enduring years of abuse without telling anyone is a tale she hears often.

And no matter how often she hears it, Payne said she finds it difficult to understand.

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“It’s unimaginable why a person in this situation would not seek help,” Payne said. “It boggles my mind to know it happens.”

Payne said sometimes abuse victims, particularly those who are well educated or well connected, are afraid of the embarrassment of having their situation publicized.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and other area law enforcement agencies see first hand how dangerous domestic violence and abuse cases can be.

Many of the most violent crimes and murders in recent years in Lawrence County have been tied to domestic cases.

Lawrence County has a domestic violence task force and shelter that serves both male and female victims of domestic abuse.

For more information call 532-7111.