Elected leaders need more training sessions

Published 9:35 am Friday, January 22, 2010

As a business owner sometimes I have problems with the actions of my employees.

It is my opinion that every employee deserves every chance to be productive on the job. Most times I find with a little additional training and supervision everything works out well.

So, to my employees; Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep Charlie Wilson I provide the following training session.

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1. Majority: 51 percent or more. Your job is to vote it!

2. Spending: What you do ONLY when you have money.

3. Illegal: Activity that should not be rewarded or forgiven without proper punishment.

4. Terrorists: People who respect no rules of engagement. Treat them this way.

5. Elderly and veterans: People who have actually earned their benefits. Either strengthen them or leave them alone.

6. Frivilous litigation: Bad for the economy. Easy fix, loser pays all fees. (A one-page bill)

7. Obamacare: Something the majority of America doesn’t want as written. (See number one to refresh what the word majority means).

8. Buying votes: Illegal in South Point but legal in Washington? Fix that.

9. Economic government mandates: People care less about their paid time off when they can’t get any paid time on.

Now, take some time to read over these or even write them down 1,000 times each until you understand them.

By the way: Do you know the names of all the politicians who only served one term? Yeah, I don’t either.

If this letter gets printed I’m sure there will be an immediate opposing viewpoint that I welcome.

However, take comfort in knowing that on average 3 out of 10 people will agree with you. (See number one).

Joe Freeman

Crown City