Open Door School celebrates 100th day

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 31, 2010

With counting games, brightly colored hats and even a cheer, Wednesday was not just any day at the Open Door School.

On the contrary, the day was a time for the primary classes to celebrate the 100th day of school.

The day featured coloring and other activities.

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“They love it,” Misty Chaffins, a teacher, said. “They love anything to celebrate.”

Each of the day’s activities had the common theme of 100. There were 100 Cheerios to count and glue to a paper bowl, 100 hundred jumps to make on a little trampoline, and even a cheer that the two classes did for each of the school’s classrooms.

Like any celebration worth its while, this one also featured cake.

“They like the food,” Vanessa Honaker, a teacher, said as she laughed. “They enjoy doing the different activities. It’s kind of a break-up from the routine.

“Really it’s an opportunity to learn and do fun things and not do the same things everyday.”

Besides the celebration, the day’s emphasis is also on the students’ learning to count to 100.

After some time doing activities in the classroom, the students gathered in the gym to jump rope, play catch and basketball and play other games.

The games help the students develop their motor skills and “wear us out,” Chaffins said of the teachers with a laugh. “They’re having fun. That’s what matters.”