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Scioto doctor kicks off 89th District bid

His Lawrence County campaign is just barely off and running but already Dr. Terry Johnson has made a bit of Lawrence County history.

The Republican seeking to grab the 89th District Ohio House of Representatives seat to be vacated by Todd Book, who is term limited, is the first candidate in history to get the Lawrence County Republican Party’s endorsement before the primary, even if the candidate was running unopposed.

Johnson kicked off the Lawrence County end of his campaign Saturday with a rally at Ohio University Southern’s Bowman Auditorium.

Johnson is a medical doctor, Scioto County coroner and a member of the National Guard who has served three tours of duty in Iraq.

He told the approximately 50 people who attended his rally that, although he never really aspired to run for office, he decided to seek a seat in the state legislature when he saw how badly the country and the state were being led.

He said the primary focus of his campaign are the same things his constituents care about.

Johnson said he is pro-family, pro-life and a staunch supporter of religious freedom. Johnson lamented that in a nation founded on religious freedom, discussions and expressions of faith have somehow become socially unacceptable.

“It’s getting to the point today to where it’s difficult to even talk about God or even talk about religion,” Johnson said.

He said he is pro Second Amendment.

A member of the National Rifle Association, Johnson told the crowd that, “Every person in this room has a right to defend themselves and their family.”

He told the crowd he is pro-military and a strong supporter of veterans.

“Veterans will have no stronger advocate in the statehouse than me,” Johnson said.

Johnson promised to fight against fiscal irresponsibility, battle the tax-and-spend crowd and hold the line against more business regulations.

“I think government is part of the problem,” he said. “I think sometimes it is in the way instead of helping you along the way.”

He pointed out that the state has lost 250,000 jobs within the last year and asked the crowd if places like Portsmouth and Ironton were better off today than they were 52 years ago.

“If you want economic prosperity, vote for me,” Johnson said. He said coal and nuclear energy is an essential part of that prosperity and that there can be a balance between environmental protection and jobs.

Some of his supporters took the floor before Johnson did and praised his dedication, leadership and service to his country and community, among them, Dr. Richard Paulus, Ohio State Sen. John Carey and retired Ohio National Guard Lt. Colonel Scott Evans.