Published 9:45 am Monday, February 1, 2010

— Clyde Conley, et al, to James and Bethany McQuaid, Perry Township, $73,000.

— Gary Murray and Lori Murray to Eric R. Weaver, Union Township, $114,000.

— Charles E. Philabaun Jr., Michael Philabaun and Douglas Philabaun, city of Ironton, $58,135.34.

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— Howie Dickess to Jack and Virginia Hager, city of Ironton, $15,000.

— Nancy Spears, et al, to Janice and Paul Sammons, Lawrence Township, $20,000.

— Donald Jr., and Amy Battise to Steven Crager, city of Ironton, $20,000.

— William Rigsby to Kelly Ann Wilson, Perry Township, $62,900.

— Ann Tate to Sabra Maynard, Fayette Township, $117,500.

— Estate of Roy Darby to Ronald Darby and Elizabeth Darby, village of Coal Grove, $28,575.

— Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to Brenda S. Reynolds, city of Ironton, $32,000.

— Riley Development Co. to Mary and Wetzel Owens, Union Township, $175,000.

— Whirlwind Property to Douglas and Crystal Johnson, Union Township, $149,000.

— Roma Delawder to Emory Martin, city of Ironton, $10,000.

— Ice Creek Land Co. to Daniel and Cheryl Bolender, Upper Township, $200,000.

— Daren Hamlin to JDH properties, Aid Township, $1,000.

— Roger Muncie and Pamela Muncie to Ryan Davis and Leslie Davis, Union Township, $164,000.

— Garland Lynd, et al, to Brooke Plummer, village of South Point, $85,000.

— Andrew Martin to Jason and Andrea Casey, village of Coal Grove, $42,500.

— Norman E. Galloway and Judy A. Galloway to Robin Lester and Darlene Daneker, Rome Township, $31,500.

— Gordon Black to M.L. Smith, sole trustee, Rome Township, $20,000.

— Mary Ann Monte to Robert and Mary Jo Ackerman, city of Ironton, $40,000.

— Real Holdings Inc., AAG One, Inc. to city of Ironton, $8,000.

— AAG One to Jay Zornes, $8,000.

— Randy Hughes and Bonita Hughes to Justin and Kelly Hughes, Washington Township, $26,500.

— Brandy Schwab to Fannie Mae, city of Ironton, $23,647.

— Lawrence County Sheriff to Green Tree Servicing, Rome Township, $60,000.

— Sharon Kitchen to Kazi Hassan, et al, Rome Township, $280,000.

— Michael W. and Traci Carey to Christopher and Mary Barnes, city of Ironton, $175,000.

— Riley Development to Rhonda Sargent, Union Township, $175,000.

— Linda Spurlock to Paula Simpson, village of South Point, $142,500.

— Panda Sue Powell and Jeffrey Powell to David Walters and Linda Walters, Windsor Township, $38,000.

— Nationstar Mortgage to JH&H Rentals, Lawrence Township, $58,000.

— Kyle and Jennifer Patton to Ryan and Jennifer Ashworth, Union Township, $166,000.

— Trustees of the Nelson Family Revocable Trust to Kyle Patton and Jennifer Patton, Rome Township, $215,000.

— Anthony and Amy McQuaid to Freddie Hayes, et al, Rome Township, $120,000.

— Ron and Geneva Blair to Danny and Lorelei Holschuh, Rome Township, $120,000.

— Estate of Robert G. Price to Joshua and Bethany Douglas, village of South Point, $50,000.

— Allen Adkins to Donna Miller, village of South Point, $85,000.

— Deutsche Bank National Trust to Esta Akers, village of Coal Grove, $20,000.

— Gaynor Leonard to James and Etta Eagan, Mason Township, $495,000.

— Brent Thompson to Larry Dalton, Upper Township, $35,000.

— Deborah Meehan and Rebecca Nenni to Joshua and Cassandra Addis, Elizabeth Township, $99,500.

— Paul David Neal to Rocky Ray Chapman, city of Ironton, $20,000.

— Ironton Commercial Property, James and Kathy Kratzenberg to Old Engineer Property LLC, city of Ironton, $500,000.

— Leeman Shepherd to James and Jewell Nicely, Mason Township, $33,000.

— Tara Sanders to Danny J. Hall Jr., Elizabeth Township, $40,000.

— Elizabeth A. Thompson to Bank of New York, Perry Township, $38,000.

— Richard E. Moore to Huntingtonized Federal Credit Union, Fayette Township, $5,000.

— Aurora Loan Services to Steven and Amanda Stover, village of South Point, $68,500.

— Marilyn Stigler to Rebecca and Jon Hitchcock, city of Ironton, $70,000.

— Mary Owens and Wetzel Owens to Ronald and Jessica Canterbury, Fayette Township, $123,600.

— Perry Adkins and Patricia Roberts Adkins to Bill Casto and Michelle Casto, Rome Township, $281,000.

— Michael Shane Radcliff and Jennifer Radcliff to Joe Unger and Leslie Minix, Union Township, $72,000.

— Johnnie and Judith McGuffin to Stacey Kruel, Fayette Township, $100,000.

— Judy L. Barber to Lynne Dalton, city of Ironton, $70,000.

— Household Realty Corp. to Alex Gilliespie, city of Ironton, $44,900.

— Dorothy Bieterman to William and Opal Nibert, Rome Township, $20,000.

— Herbert Joseph, et al, to Janet Maxwell, city of Ironton, $30,000.

— Gene and Debra Bragg to J&B Layne Properties, city of Ironton, $100,000.

— Trustees of Randall Lambert Trust to Homer and Valerie Jenkins, Lawrence Township, $33,000.

— Earmel and Sherry Stepp to Glen and Carol Chapman, Union Township, $128,000.

— Paul Short Jr., and Michael Jackson to Ferrell J. White, Perry Township, $61,000.

— William and Helen Street to Allen and Carol Miller, Mason Township, $40,000.

— Donald Ray and Grace Williams to Stephen and Linda Williams, Union Township, $45,000.

— Lillian Marie Keeney to Harlan Cain, Union Township, $25,000.

— Ice Creek Land Co. to Norman Dennis and Laura Hodges, Upper Township, $37,500.

— Justin Deeds to Andrew Perry, village of Chesapeake, $12,914.41.

— Superior Marine Ways to Riverwalk Development, Union Township, $460,000.

— Stella Estes to Roger Abbott, city of Ironton, $29,000.

— Walter Mortgage Co. to Debra Depriest, Elizabeth Township,, $12,500.

— Billy Forrest Jr., to Jason and Roberta Richards, village of South Point, $94,000.

— Shelli Morris to Jerry and Mindy Diamond, village of South Point, $89,250.

— Edwin Wisma and Jackie Wisma to Donny and Melinda Miller, Washington Township, $32,500.

— Jeffrey Bragg and Kelli Bragg to Robert and Lori Calloway, Windsor and Rome Township, $140,000.