Casino plan shows flaws

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A fundamental flaw with Ohio’s casino gambling measure that was adopted by voters last year has already become a major problem barely three months after the ballot initiative was passed.

It will fall on the voters to correct the problem when they head to the polls in May and we hope the same group that supported this flawed proposal at least uses some common sense to fix it by voting for Issue 3.

Ohio’s expansion of gambling — which allows for casinos in the three Cs and Toledo — was approved last year in part because the lure of promised jobs and an injection of revenue into the state.

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But the proposal had numerous flaws, the most glaring of which has already become a problem. This would be the fact that it is a Constitutional amendment and takes a vote of the people to make even the smallest change.

Guess what? Nobody thought through where the Columbus casino would be built and the community was given virtually no input.

As it turns out, the proposed location had very little access and didn’t fit with this type of industry. A new, and far better spot has been found.

But unless voters approve the change to these specifics this casino could get built in a terrible location.

Our position hasn’t changed. This entire ballot measure was flawed because it locked out regions beyond the metro areas, didn’t generate nearly enough revenue for the state and including it in the Constitution made it too difficult to allow this project to be developed fluidly.

We didn’t support the original gambling initiative but Ohio voters said this was what they wanted. Now it is up to voters to make sure reality matches what they thought they were voting for in the first place.