Dog shelter, paper should work to find homes

Published 9:58 am Thursday, February 4, 2010

My letter to the editor is more of a suggestion to help with stray pets and find homes for abandoned cats or dog.

I think it would benefit our dog shelter to run an ad weekly with pictures showing what types of dogs are currently housed in the dog shelter. The Tribune could donate the space and the ad.

It would be a good human interest story all the way around, both from the pets perspective and the community.

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People who have lost a pet may be able to find them and people who are looking for a pet would be able to find the pet they have been looking for.

This would benefit the animal shelter, the lost pets, owners and possible owners, as well as the whole community, by taking animals off the street.

I hope The Tribune and the animal shelter can come to an agreement.

Thank you for allowing me to propose my suggestion.

Debra Hankins