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WOUB-TV to air call-in show to help with home foreclosure

ATHENS — WOUB-TV, Southeastern Ohio Legal Services, the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development and the Ohio Attorney General’s office, are teaming up to host a call-in program so viewers in the area can get help with questions about home foreclosure.

The show, “Newswatch In-Depth: Save the Dream” will offer advice to homeowners in jeopardy of losing their homes.

“Many people have gotten into risky loans or loans with an adjustable rate or have lost their jobs and are finding themselves in a position that they could lose their homes,” says Melissa Benson of Southeastern Ohio Legal Services. “This call-in program will give them answers of what kind of help is available to help them stay in their homes.”

Today at 8 p.m., a panel of experts will be in the WOUB studios answering questions about mortgages and foreclosure.

The hour-long program will examine how the home foreclosure crisis has hit Appalachian Ohio and the resources available to keep families in their homes.

Even if people are facing foreclosure it doesn’t mean they have to lose their homes.

This program will offer advice as to what to do if you receive a foreclosure notice or what kind of help is available for people who are behind on the payments of their home.

“Save the Dream” a Newswatch In-Depth special will air on WOUB-TV 20.1/44.1 on tonight at 8 p.m.

Viewers can call 1-800-456-2044 during the show to get questions answered on how to stop your home from going into foreclosure.