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National City officially becomes PNC

LAWRENCE COUNTY — National City branches in southern Ohio will open their doors as PNC Bank Monday, signaling the transition for customers in this area.

“This represents an opportunity for National City customers to become a part of one of the nation’s strongest banking institutions, as well as a leading bank in the region with 45 branches and 65 ATMs across our entire region,” said Don Stock, PNC retail banking market executive for the southern Ohio region.

“We bring the resources of the nation’s fifth largest bank to customers, while maintaining local decision making and an ongoing community focus. We’ve long been a leader in this community, and now that we are PNC, we’re even stronger.”

Officials say the combined company provides customers with greater ease and convenience to achieve their financial goals. The combined offerings include: loans, PNC Points, the Virtual Wallet and greater access to branches, ATMs, online banking and customer service.

“For our customers, we’ve learned the importance of making this transition easy for them,” said Stock. “We started communicating to them three months ago and are confident based on eight integrations during the past five years that we are ready for a successful conversion.”

Stock noted that during conversion weekend, PNC is adding call center staff to answer questions.

Customers may call 1-877-762-5606 Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Information also is available on welcometopnc.com.

Throughout the weekend, account information of 1.1 million customers and signs at some 320 branches in central and southern Ohio, the entire state of Kentucky and southern Indiana will switch to PNC as part of the biggest acquisition in the bank’s 157-year history.

In November, 1.8 million customers and 240 branches were successfully converted throughout western Pennsylvania, Youngstown, Ohio and the state of Florida.


Sunday, Feb. 21*: PNC customer service is available from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.: 1-877-762-5606.

Monday: All branches reopen as PNC Bank.

6 a.m. PNC Telephone Banking is available: 1-877-762-5606.

7 a.m. PNC customer service is available until 10 p.m.: 1-877-762-5606.

8 a.m. PNC Online Banking and Mobile Banking are available.