Politicians want to let corporations rule world

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 21, 2010

Does everyone have amnesia? The main reason our economy is in a pickle is our long running, mostly Republican, philosophy of outsourcing.

There are no more manufacturing jobs in the U.S. We import everything. This exodus didn’t happen overnight. It has been a long standing policy of the corporate world order.

The conservatives have been pushing their smaller government agenda for, it seems like, centuries. With each new easement of oversight and regulations put into place over the years the corporations have taken a bigger bite out of nation-building around the world. Money has our representatives in servitude to their corporate masters.

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We must free these people from that dependence on lobby money if we ever expect to be represented by them. Political distortions seem louder now than I can remember hearing them.

We have truth in advertising, why not truth in political propaganda laws? Everyone seems so confused. “Who can we believe?” seems to be coming from everyone’s lips.

It is in this “Fog of War,” for it is a war for power, that we are staggering through. In the February 18th edition of The Tribune there is a chart that shows just how brutally the minority’s log jam has become.

They block every bill that reforms anything. If the Democrats say they like puppies, the Republicans will say puppies are not likable. It has gotten ugly. And, for us, nothing is getting done.

Behind this right-wing power play stands the industrialists. The big money and power boys who are pushing us perilously closer to that military industrialized nightmare that Eisenhower warned us about.

Two such power players are the Koch brothers. Look up Koch Industries, based in Wichita, Kan. Charles and David Koch own an empire.

They are the 19th richest billionaires in the world. These two alone fund everything from the CATO Institute to the Tea Party Movement.

They have a political agenda, and want no barriers for their profit making, especially pesky government rules and regulations.

We suspect corporations with their lobbies are taking over Washington.

We also are frustrated by the faceless logos the corporations have become. I mentioned two people who are power players. I would like to see more brought into the light of day.

America is being hijacked and is closer than ever to becoming a corporate-run empire.

The Supreme Court has just paved the way to make us voiceless.

There is a bi-partisan bill right now called the “Fair Election Laws Now Act.” It is a small start and, if you call your representatives, we may get it passed.

Patricia Littlejohn

Kitts Hill