Reader needs to get ‘facts’ straight before writing

Published 10:33 am Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Way to go Mr. Homer Campbell, you really nailed Obama with the facts all right.

I took your challenge outlined in a recent letter to the editor and discovered that you like taking facts and distorting them for your benefit.

I will begin with your claim that Bill Clinton “enacted NAFTA.” While it is true that it was enacted under Clinton, what you failed to mention is that it was already approved and signed by George H.W. Bush, who tried to get it completed and enacted prior to leaving office.

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The Congressional voting broke down as follows: Senate vote: Reps 34 Yes, Dems 27 Yes; No: Reps 10 and Dems 28. In the House, Reps 132 Yes, Dems 102 Yes, Nos: Rep 43, Dems 156. So, all was done with the exception of final enactment, by the time Clinton took office.

Yet by using “Homer Facts,” Clinton is responsible for all of NAFTA. I’m not sure why you didn’t mention that more Republicans voted for it than Democrats, but that wouldn’t support your wild distortions, would it?

Homer went on to deny that Republicans were holding up progress in passing bills. Are you kidding me? Homer, get your head out of the sand. Wasn’t it 30 Republicans who recently voted against the Franken Amendment, which requires government contractors, such as KBR, to allow victims of sexual assault the right to bring their case to court? They basically supported protection for contractors whose employees sexually assaulted female co-workers and are allowed to get away with it.

Homer goes on to say that Obama has lied to us so much it’s hard to believe anything he says. I wonder if he held this view on our previous President, Iraq, WMD, etc.

Obama offered to televise the bipartisan meetings. It seems that John Boehner isn’t too fond of this approach, now that it’s going to happen. However, it is hard to be bipartisan when the opposition simply says, “No.” The above example is a perfect example of it.

Now, onto the deficit. You mentioned that in eight years GW Bush brought us $5 trillion in deficit, ($2.85 trillion of which went to tax cuts for the extremely wealthy), you failed to mention Bush inherited a $230 billion surplus. You said with Obama it has gone up another $3 trillion.

Most of that is the “off balance sheet expenses” of both the Iraq and Afghan wars, all of which were never included in the G.W. Bush budget numbers.

Homer, you’re not entitled to your own facts or dish out a smidgen here or there, surrounded by “Homer Facts.” Maybe we simply misunderstood the definition of your use of the word “facts,” possibly even a misspelling. Could you possibly have received a “fax” that had all your wild distortions on them, maybe then you could legitimately say “the fax don’t lie” or “I have the fax on my side?”

Homer, it is distortions such as you spew out, that keeps people confused.

Timothy Kincaid

South Point