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Big government makes society more dependent

I am writing this in response to the article titled “America can overcome obstacles facing nation.”

I hope to not elaborate on the true differences I obviously share with the author, but rather challenge his thoughts with those of the American people.

The issue with the Kennedy family, as with most of those who share their convictions, is their constant desire to make America the world.

A nation like ours may lead by example, influence foreign policy, and impact a culture by providing aid and support in desperate or catastrophic times, but we are not the world, nor should we try to govern it.

As Bobby often spoke about his world travels in his writings and speeches, the nation he sought to lead failed compared to the world he hoped to conquer.

Great architects, developers, engineers, pilots, captains, and even inventors should be challenged by the limitless abilities of our planet, but our politicians should not be dictated by the opportunities of our world.

They are charged with an order from the people, to lead, govern, and reign over our nation, from sea to sea, with the one purpose of maintaining the financial and legal operations of our great land.

In regards to the efforts of our government to feed the hungry, elevate those in poverty and alleviate pain and suffering on those less fortunate, I believe this is not a national crisis.

The origins of helping the poor and hungry began with the church, and with most communities having churches on nearly every corner in town, there should be no need for a politician in Washington to worry about a hungry child in Ironton.

The health care system that the author refers to in his writing is one that cannot exist unless the taxpayer (common man) decides that not only is he going to pay for his own medical problems, but assume those of his entire community.

Health care happens to be the one aspect of our society that must touch each member at some point in their lives.

You must understand the outrageous medical costs we incur while being treated, pales in comparison to the rate we would be charged if GM or Ford was doing our surgery.

With an average yearly income of $70K a year plus benefits for their employees belonging to the union, consider if our nurses participated in the same wage scale.

When our society began paying computer operators $100K salaries for writing software and school teachers $26,000 for shaping the minds of our next generation, we were bound to see the effects.

I become so frustrated with a seemingly liberal agenda for a bigger government.

It seems there are few people who want to go back to small-government thinking as our founders believed, rather they recall the FDRs, Kennedys and Clintons.

My fear is this big-government thinking is only making society more dependent on their government.

Although there have been times in history where government growth has produced a better society, more often than not it is but a Band-Aid or delay to the true reality.

Asking the rich to support the poor is not making them share their wealth, it is punishing them for achieving something others are unable to accomplish.

I find it odd that the problems the author mentioned was not a deteriorating society on moral issues, lack of equal funding in education, or even suffrage of the entrepreneur who is unable to navigate the codes and regulations of small business.

These are problems we can deal with today, to ensure a better and brighter tomorrow. I will not end with a spirited quote or a catchy phrase, but rather with a plea to the young minds of our generation.

Do not look to Washington for your purpose, your vision, your support, or your future, but increase your productivity, motivate yourself, and desire nothing less than complete success from yourself, and pray the government will not hinder you in your pursuit of happiness.

Matt Meritor