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Classing requests funding for SP sewer project

SOUTH POINT — South Point Village Councilman David Classing has officially asked U.S. Representative Charlie Wilson for $5 million in the 2011 federal budget for the purpose of sewer line rehabilitation. This project is similar to the one being used in Ironton, Ohio.

“The current sewer lines were laid in the early 1960’s,” Classing said. “This project will, if funded by the Congress, clean out the lines and re-line them with the CIPP, which is a resin-based pipe material with the hardness of SDR35.”

The new lining on the sewer lines would be as if the Village had replaced the old lines with brand new ones, he said. “Further, this relining process will extend the life of the sewer lines for possibly another 50 years,” he said.

“There are many obstructions in the Village’s sewer lines, such as tree roots, and we really need to get these cleaned up now before they cause a larger problem,” Classing said.

The next step in this process is for Congressman Wilson to insert the funding in the House budget for 2011, and for the US Senate to do likewise.

“This is what some people decry as ‘pork-spending,’ but if it’s coming to your neighborhood, then you view it as a much-needed project,” Classing said.