Fairland West announces 2010 science fair winners

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 7, 2010

ROME TOWNSHIP — The winners of the Fairland West Elementary Science Fair have been announced.

It was held at 110 Township Road 1125, Proctorville, on Friday, Feb. 26.

In spite of the snowy weather, the school held an open house on Friday evening where the projects were on exhibit for the public.

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The following students were presented trophies at the awards ceremony following the open house.

Superior Projects

1st Place – Alex Naegele “Spaghetti Power”

2nd Place – Tyler Elliott “What Fabrics Resist Fire the Best”

3rd Place – Brek Martin “Do Calcium Supplements Make Bones Stronger?”

4th Place – Skyler Farrand “Smell and Memory”

5th Place – Ashton McQuaid “Does Hand Sanitizer Really Work?”

Outstanding Projects

Avery Gillam “Can I Grow Stalactites?”

Lexi Adkins “What Brand of Band Aid Lasts Longer?”

Jacob Wheeler “Amount of Bacteria on Teeth”

Kaylan Hager “Which Sugar Substitute Tastes Like Real Sugar”

Triniti Daniels “Why Foam Shoots from a Bottle”

Nicole Wagner “Fresh Bananas?”

Blake Smith “Dish Soap and Plant Growth”

Hannah Marcum “Make a Batter from Potatoes”

Saransh Maheshwari “Mentos and Pop”

Caroline Swolsky “Will Vitamins Change the Growth of Plants?”

Kara Ray “Lemon Battery”

Brandon Smith “Viscosity/Diameter of a Drop”

Alex Ward “Paper Airplane Designs”

Jared Wilkes “Can You Replace Batteries With Fruit?”

Jenna Jewell “Steam Powered Rocket Boat”

Ashton Killen “Can Electricity Travel Through the Air?”

Hannah Ward “What Fabric Makes the Brightest Tie Dyes”

Connor LaCroix “Air in a Balloon”

Kaylan Mannon “Life of a Battery”

Mason Duncan “Can You Make Plastic Out of Milk?”

For more information, contact Sandy Joseph, Assistant Principal at 886-3150.