Ironton Elementary students volunteer at Open Door School

Published 10:01 am Thursday, March 11, 2010

Students of the Open Door School got some help with their social studies fair projects Wednesday.

Six fifth-graders from Ironton Elementary helped the students prepare their projects for the fair, which is scheduled for today.

This is the first year the Open Door School has had a social studies fair. Last year the school had a science fair for the first time. With the addition of the social studies fair, the school will alternate the fairs from year to year.

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The students’ teachers chose them for the task.

“They were very excited,” Bob Rowe, guidance counselor, said. “I talked with them and told them what they were going to do and they’ve been talking about it ever since.”

The students are Dylan Herrman-Holt, Chase Rowe, Jacob Thompson, Kara Spencer, Breanna Jones and Emily Arbaugh.

“They’re totally engaged with working with the students,” Rowe said. “Whatever the teachers ask them they go to it.”

The students helped with typing reports and helping with some of the crafts that go with the project.

“We made these buses and airplanes and ships,” Chase Rowe said. “It’s really fun. I just like helping them.”

Chase, along with Dylan and Jacob, was helping a primary class work on their project about transportation.

Open Door teacher Vanessa Honaker said it is good for her students to interact with their peers from the elementary school.

It is also good for the elementary school students, who leave with more awareness about developmental disabilities, she said.

Breanna, Kara and Emily helped a class with their projects about the president and pioneers.

Misty Chaffins, a teacher at Open Door School, said her students are learning the duties of the presidents as well as how the pioneers lived. Her students are excited about participating in the fair.

“I think they get a little nervous but they’re so excited,” Chaffins said, adding that the students have been working on the project for weeks.

Rowe said the school was honored to be able to help.

“We feel very fortunate to be asked to come and participate with the students and we appreciate Mrs.(Kendra) Kelley (principal) inviting us.”