Nazarene church to host egg hunt

Published 10:25 am Friday, March 19, 2010

CHESAPEAKE — It means a lot of eggs to stuff, but the congregation at the Chesapeake Church of the Nazarene doesn’t mind.

Filling about 700 plastic Easter eggs with candy is just another way for them to serve their community. And that’s what they have been doing in preparation for the second community Easter Egg Hunt the church is sponsoring.

“People in the church get really excited about it,” Pastor Paul Merritt said. “It is something we like to do for the community … It’s because the church has a ministry to the community. It is not just about what takes place inside the church building. We believe our ministry is to the community, doing for others … helping to impact the community where we live.”

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The hunt will start at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 3, at the Chesapeake Village Park and will be open for toddlers who are able to walk on their own to 12 years.

Those ages will be broken into three groups for three separate hunts.

“The little ones will go first and look for their eggs and will have a specific area,” Merritt said.

When it is time for the oldest group, the children will have the whole park for their hunt. There will be prizes for boys and girls in each age group.

“We try not to make it too competitive but we do want to offer a little incentive,” he said.

The pastor stresses this is an event the church wants to do for the village.

“We understand there are some people in the community who may not fully agreed or accept our teachings of Christ,” he said. “We just don’t pound that doctrine in their head, but it is an opportunity to share our Judeo-Christian beliefs. But the big thing is to provide something for the children this time of year. There are a lot of people that it is financially harder now. This is a little reprieve. They can take their children to it and it doesn’t cost anything.”