Published 10:06 am Monday, March 22, 2010

—James E. Taylor and Sandra Midkiff Johnson, et al, to Gretchen D. and Jesse Maynard, Rome Township, $172,000.

— Ronald and Shawn Black to Calvin and Kitty Coleman, Fayette Township, $,000.

—John Lee Delawder to Brent and Rebecca Thompson, Upper Township, $10,000.

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— Jami Sisler Taylor to Alex Gillespie, city of Ironton, $15,000.

—Joseph Malone, et al, to Donna Miller, Lawrence Township, $20,000.

—Mark Miller ad Deyanira Miller to Vickie Palmer Hall, Union Township, $85,000.

—John Hall and Vickie Palmer Hall to Mark and Deyanira Miller, Union Township, $215,000.

—Arthus III and Melissa Lucas to Timothy Ansell, Rome Township, $23,000.

—Timothy Ansell to Ansell Brothers Inc., Rome Township, $26,500.

—Asell Brothers Inc., to Arthur II and Melissa Lucas, Rome Township, $28,000.

—Danny Pancake and Patricia Pancake to Derek Parsons and Jessica Parsons, Perry and Fayette townships, $140,000.

—Michael F.White II to Colin and Crystal Dillon, Upper Township, $198,000.

—Terri Norris to Dennis Massey Jr., village of South Point, $126,000.

—Danny and Barbara Blair to Jennifer Allen, city of Ironton, $55,000.

—Lori K. Leach to Kyle and Ali Hankins, city of Ironton, $123,000.

—Valeria Westfall, trustee of Miller Family Trust, to Douglas Marquardt, Fayette Township, $38,500.

—Ann Davidson to Billy and Carmen Smith, village of South Point, $48,000.

—Imogene Snead to Virgil Caudill, city of Ironton, $46,500.

—Estate of Patsy Rust to Tri-State Realty and Rentals Inc., Perry Township, $25,000.

—Denise Rimmer and Danette Riley to Tyler Massie, city of Ironton,, $12,500.

—Denise Rimmer and Diana Palmer to Tyler Massie, city of Ironton, $33,000.