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Clunker appliance program is waste of tax money

All Lawrence County residents need to know that this Cash for Clunker Appliances program is a joke.

They want to give you $100 for your refrigerator. But it has to be working. If they are going to crush it, why does it have to work?

You only get $100 and you have to pay the difference. What do they do with the $80,000 that they were granted for this project? This is not helping the poor people.

The treasurer’s office and the environmental office won’t tell you about this program.

A man called me and said, “Is your refrigerator working and unplugged? We are coming to get it.”

I told him I had no other one. Where are they taking our refrigerator? To a warehouse.

We should all call our state rep.

Lawrence Hysell

South Point