Published 10:03 am Monday, April 5, 2010

—Natasha McComas to Robert and Sarah Ruffner, Fayette Township, $132,000.

—Pure Platinum Investments to Donald and Carolyn Livingston, village of Chesapeake, $165,000.

—Calvin C. Sizemore, et al, to Gary Pruit and Ethel Nance, Decatur Township, $5,000.

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—Audrey Hughes to Ruth Ohlsson, village of South Point, $93,000.

—Farrukh Bhatti and Fareeha Farrukh, Rome Township, $305,000.

—Barbara and James Bentley to Dolly Newcomb and David Turvey, city of Ironton, $10,000.

—Robert and Ella Hamilton to James and Lavinia Nichols, Perry Township, $118,000.

—Dolly Newcomb and David Turvey to Robert Thompson, city of Ironton, $9,000.

—Stephen and Shanna Brothers to Christopher Cielac, village of South Point, $199,000.

—Eugene Lewis Porter and Sandra Kay Porter to Matthew S.Smith, Rome Township, $50,000.

—Stephen Coleman to Denise Coleman, Fayette Township, $8,020.

—Carolyn Hunley to Janice and Marisue Leibee, city of Ironton, $20,000.

—China Gourmet Inc., to Gregory and Linda Crabtree, Union Township, $75,000.

—Dana King to Lowell and Donna Murdock, city of Ironton, $65,000.

—Melissa Spitzer to Federal National Mortgage Assn., Rome Township, $56,000.

—Leroy Baise and Amy Baise to Raymond and Bethany Music, village of Coal Grove, $32,000.

—Vickie Hall and John E. Hall to Chesapeake Pentecostal Church, Union Township, $85,000.

—Fay Margaret Mannon-Rahoi and Dennis Rahoi to Robin Baumgardner and Jan Ellis, Windsor Townshop, $4,000.

—Barbara Hampton to Burkle Brumfield and Barbara Hampton, Aid Township, $17,000.

—Bobby Hanshaw and Dorothy Hanshaw to Carl and Rebecca Camp, Fayette Township, $23,000.

—Wally and Carol Haugen to William Edward Fitz and James Edwin Frtiz, Perry Township, $10,000.

—Betty L. Moore to Rick and Sherry Viglianco, Fayette Township, $20,000.

—Vada Truesdell to Ethel Diamond, Lawrence Township, $9,000.

—Linda Marie Lyles Spangler to Gary Owens, et al, Aid Township, $5,000.

—Coal Systems Corp. to Joe Michael and Peggy Henderson, Rome Township, $193,000.

—Gary and Heather Hensley to Larry and Maria McSweeney, Fayette Township, $133,000.

—Hal L. Franke, trustee, to CVS/Carenark, city of Ironton, $1,000,000.

—Ruth McClung to Elmer Rodehaver and Leslie Henson Jr., Fayette Township, $125,000.

—Riley Development LLC to Norma Bromley, Union Township, $190,500.

—Bruner Land Co. to Charles Rex Tubbs and Susan Rae, Washington Township, $35,900.

—Higgins Chevrolet to Hal L. Franke, city of Ironton, $450,000.

—Larry J. Pinkerman to Christopher Suttle and Samantha Suttle, Lawrence Township, $6,000.

—James David Dement to Roger D. Farley and Jennifer Hall, Union Township, $15,000.

—David Seibert to Linda Connell, Rome Township, $220,400.

—Desco Federal Credit Union to William Lockhart, Union Township, $19,500.