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Newspaper, water often taken for granted

The Tribune Publisher Mike Caldwell recently wrote a column about newspaper carriers, and it sure struck home.

There are many things in our lives that we often take for granted besides death, taxes, and global warming. For instance, our copy of The Ironton Tribune usually arrives mid-afternoon Monday-Friday and early Sunday morning.

Recently, we underwent a change in carriers, and our paper began to arrive at all hours during the week. On a Friday and the following Sunday, there was no paper at all. I called circulation early that Sunday morning and left a message about both missed papers.

By 10:00 a.m., both Friday and Sunday’s papers were on our front porch. The following day, a new carrier was in place, and we’ve had no problems since.

My point, besides things taken for granted, is that The Tribune is Lawrence County’s newspaper. Whether you agree or disagree with its content, it provides us with coverage of local news, sports, social news, want ads, and an editorial page in which all are welcome to participate. Any time we don’t receive a daily paper, there is something missing at our house.

Another example of things taken for granted is the water service provided to each community. We recently had a water leak at our meter. I discovered it early one morning. I called the Coal Grove Water Department immediately. Two men from the department arrived shortly, turned our water off, and located the leak adjacent to our meter.

I needed a plumber to make the repair to my line. I was advised of someone who could dig out the around the leak, someone else who could make the repair, and a new meter would be installed to replace the 45-year original that was mine.

Phone calls were made, and things began to happen. Our water department came by twice to check progress on the repair. On their second stop, a new meter was installed, water turned back on and tested, and I was back in business.

The entire turn-a-round was less than four hours. Simply amazing.

When water breaks occur, as they often do during extreme cold weather, don’t forget, it’s your water department that is out in subzero weather digging with frozen extremities, making repairs in cold and muddy repair sites.

These individuals deserve our support, and kind words, when possible. I would like to salute the people of the Coal Grove Water Department: Mark Dean, administrator; Kevin Markins, water plant operator; Marty Murphy, sewer plant operator; Chuck McKnight, water distribution; Steve Patton, backhoe operator; Brian Bryant, water distribution; Arron Gully, meter reader; and Ed Carrico, evening turn, water plant.

If you have a water problem, your call will usually be forwarded to the townhouse, where Debbie Fields, village clerk; Brenda Self, income tax department; or Nadine Malone, water department; will answer. They are always ready to help, be it a water problem, or something else.

They all deserve our thanks for a job well done, something that is easy to take for granted.

Mike Nourse is a retired educator and contributing columnist for The Ironton Tribune. He lives in Coal Grove with wife Clara Gail, also a retired educator.