Open Door School’s prom goes happily ever after

Published 10:52 am Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IRONTON — As any high-school student could tell you: Prom season is finally here.

Prom consists of teens dressing fancier than most teens will ever dress, a dinner that most teens would turn down in preference to a burger and fries, and the fear of the world’s biggest pimple forming on the end of one’s nose.

None of these stopped the students from the Open Door School in Ironton from participating in what every high school student anticipates every year.

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The Open Door School, a school specifically targeted to students with developmental disabilities, held their prom on April 16.

The overcast and pending weather put a damper on some traditional activities, such as the grand march, which typically involves riding in convertibles and walking the block up to the school. For the most part, however, ceremonies were not held up.

Kendra Kelley, principal at ODS, announced couples as they entered that gym, which was appropriately decorated for this year’s theme, “A Fairy Tale Prom.” Students had their pictures taken with their date, then made their way to the dance floor for the evening. Prom King Jonathon Simpson and Queen Brandy Blankenship were announced and opened the night with the first dance.

“I’ve been talking to some of the students, and they’re wanting a giant disco ball in the middle of the dance floor from now on,” said Sharon Kleinman, an aide at ODS, indicating that students quite enjoyed dancing at the annual prom ceremony.

Kelley found out firsthand how much the students love to dance. During the dance, she was repeatedly dragged out onto the dance floor, mostly by ODS student, Kayla Sharp, who couldn’t get enough dancing throughout the evening.

The LCBDD serves more than 500 children and adults with developmental disabilities from throughout the county. Open Door School is a school in conjunction with the Lawrence County Board of DD and serves more than 50 children with developmental disabilities from throughout the county.

For more information about the LCBDD,and Open Door School, call (740) 532-7401.