Washington simply isn’t listening to us

Published 10:24 am Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I was reading several articles in The Tribune about the Tea Party movement.

Although I am not a member of the Tea Party, nor am I aware of how to become a member, I am aware of the “message” of the movement.

I have never seen a government more divided against a movement that contains multiple millions of constituents, nor have I seen more people confused about the message.

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We all agree that for eight years former President Bush and the Republicans spent and wasted too much money. We elected President Obama to put a stop to this and he has spent and wasted even more money than Bush.

The Tea Party doesn’t march against public roads, school lunches, public immunization programs, current tax rates or the fact that our president is red, yellow, black or white.

They march against bailouts, fraud, waste and abuse, coming tax rates, half the nation paying no taxes, coming inflation rates and robbing our senior programs to add new entitlements when the current ones are unfunded.

I’m just an old dumb country boy but I am aware if you have more horses riding the wagon than pulling the wagon you have a problem. I figure this out before I load the wagon.

Personally, I am a registered Independent who voted for Reagan, Clinton and Bush. In my opinion the Democrats seem to be better at identifying problems but after they appease all their special interests we have terrible laws that fix nothing except job losses.

Republicans seem better at making pro business policy but worse at identifying the nation’s needs.

Too bad our founding fathers didn’t say we had to have at least 10 percent inclusion from both parties to pass a law but only God is smart enough to make a document timeless.

I am an employer who would love to grow and add employees if Washington would leave us alone and stop making it more desirable to downsize than upsize.

We don’t know what is coming next and it is better to provide a job to those who can work into retirement than to provide a job you can’t afford when the next law passes.

All the non-employer talking heads say this is not the issue but employers know it is the issue.

I am afraid for my business, my employees, my children, my grandchildren and for my own old age when I see a government that spends like a drunken sailor, supports and appoints anti-business policy and personnel, borrows from our enemies so that we have to allow terrorist nations to have nuclear weapons or have our loans called in, supports higher taxes, massive new entitlement and amnesty programs during a time of great recession.

Seems like we are rearranging pictures on the Titanic and not noticing the ship is sinking.

No matter how much you say we will save by spending, some of us are smarter than that. I believe the interest rates are being kept artificially low by Fed policy that currently ignores basic laws of economics.

You can’t print billions of dollars, throw them into the economy and not have inflation or hyperinflation. The administration probably figures we can absorb the economic shock until the November elections but then watch what happens.

They probably hope the GOP takes control so they can blame them. Remember, just because your holding the mop doesn’t mean you made the mess. No matter who wins in November the economy is headed for bad times unless we reverse course dramatically and it may already be too late.

We can dance all through the past decade but the band is going to want paid in the next decade. I don’t want my son or my granddaughter to have to pay my bills.

Unsustainable debt is not the legacy I want to leave our future generations and this is why we have Tea Party marches.

The current administration would be much better served to understand this than to smear the movement at every turn and every level. Resistance is the very reason we are America.

You can opine that our founding fathers must have really hated red coats but maybe it was the oppressive policy they came to represent and not a color issue at all.

Joe Freeman

Crown City