Homemakers learn about ‘space bandits’

Published 9:35 am Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting rid of clutter was the theme of the Lawrence County Homemakers at its 67th annual Achievement Day.

The homemakers met for lectures, craft exhibits and lunch at First Baptist Church in Ironton Tuesday morning.

Ninety-nine percent of Americans have at least one junk drawer in their house, Lori Shafer, adult services coordinator at Briggs Lawrence Library, told the audience.

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If you have trouble finding your clothes in the morning, buy duplicates because you can’t find the original item, need to clear away items to create a clean surface, or buy sale items because they are simply a bargain not because they are needed, you have a clutter problem, Shafer said.

“Set simple goals,” she advised when trying to get rid of clutter in a home. “Finish one project before starting another and set deadlines to know when you have achieved a goal.”

Among the articles in a home that can be space bandits are clothes, appliances, magazines and catalogues and heirlooms.

She advised that heirlooms can be passed onto children now with information on why they are important to the family.

“If you don’t use it, it is still being wasted, if you keep it,” Shafer said.

During the regular business meeting, there was a memorial service for those members who had died during the past year. Those honored were Donna Gail Dewey, Ann Smith, Ferne Sutton and Marjorie Ford.