Welfare empowers drug abusers to do nothing

Published 10:32 am Thursday, April 29, 2010

As a resident of Ironton I would like to address a problem that is occurring not only in our community but all over the United States of America: Drugs.

My 7-year-old little brother was outside playing one evening when he came in and told my father that there were people smoking cigarettes that smelled funny outside.

My father was quick on his feet to find the problem. When he went outside he spotted three men standing on the sidewalk smoking marijuana. Note again, right in the middle of the sidewalk!

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My father sent the men off with a threat of the police.

Even after that occurrence there have been cars upon cars, leaving and returning to a house near us.

My opinion is that many of the people who are on drugs use welfare as a way out.

The drugs make these people their robots resulting in no work and resulting in no income.

So these people put in an application at the welfare office, pleading that they are so bad off and need help.

Truth is they are just lazy and controlled by drugs. But the government doesn’t go that far into it and allows them to mooch off the state and federal money.

After this the victims don’t feel the need to get a job because everything is being handed to them. This can end in poverty. With no income but a bare minimum coming in, they live with very low standards.

So, in conclusion, I think that the community leaders should come together and stop this problem. Not only are these people using the government to feed their habit but they are hurting everyone around them.

Let’s get to stopping this.

Dallas Gumbert