Cleanup can make impact

Published 10:24 am Friday, April 30, 2010

Everyone talks about making our community a better place to live but Saturday offers the chance to actually do it.

It isn’t too late to make a personal commitment to participate in the second annual countywide cleanup event where hundreds of volunteers are hitting the streets to make a difference.

Everyone is welcome to join in the effort that will mean lots of visible impact including picking up trash, planting trees, sprucing up landscaping, and making our entire county shine.

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Anyone interested in working as part of a team effort can be in downtown Ironton at Second and Center streets at 8:30 a.m. or the Chesapeake community center, just to name a few of the hubs for this civic project.

Part of the beauty of this effort is that you don’t have to show up there to make a difference. A variety of other cleanup projects will be going on throughout the townships and villages.

Or, if you work better alone, citizens can coordinate their own effort to cleanup the community or even their own property.

Last year, more than 1,000 people collected 955 bags of trash during the one-day event.

This year has potential to be even better.

Every person who gets involved helps make this event a success and shows that we don’t have to rely on the government for everything. We all have the ability to improve our home and the region we all love.

Are we going to talk about making Lawrence County a better place to live or are we going to let our actions speak for themselves?