Can a toy gun be a deadly weapon?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear Lawyer Mark: I was watching a show the other day where they were talking about a guy who robbed a bank with a toy gun.

That got me to thinking — can you get arrested for “armed” robbery if the so-called weapon you use is just a toy? It seems to me that you shouldn’t be able to, because you can’t really hurt anyone with a toy gun or knife.


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Dear Wondering: To be convicted of what is now called “aggravated robbery” on the basis of having a weapon, a person must have a deadly weapon under their control and display it, brandish it, indicate that he has it, or use it.

Ohio code section 2923.11 defines a deadly weapon as any instrument, devise, or thing capable of inflicting death, something adapted for use as a weapon or used as a weapon.

It may appear that a toy gun could not fit that definition, a Court of Appeals opinion in State v. Bonner said that where the defendant struck someone in the head with a toy gun, knocking the victim’s glasses off, the defendant could be convicted of aggravated assault because he could have bludgeoned the victim to death with the toy.

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