Facts show Obama is most radical president

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 2, 2010

In Jim Crawford’s article on April 30, his rhetoric is so good but he omitted several facts about whether or not President Obama is a radical.

First, Obama is the only president who wants the government to have the power to tell private enterprise how to work and who can run the company. And Obama can hire and fire the CEO if he doesn’t like how that company is run.

Then Crawford touted the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent. However, it went, even with the stimulus, to over 10 percent and now stands at 9.7 percent. Just where are those 2 million jobs?

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If you count the government jobs that have been added, this just adds to the deficit, as they are paid by tax dollars. Oops, I forgot that President Obama can print all the money to pay them, which he is doing to bankrupt the USA.

Now Crawford states that President Obama is focusing on financial regulations. Well he didn’t say anything about the more than $1 million that he got from Goldman Sachs for his campaign and what they have so far paid for this next election to the Democrats.

They are at $243,600 so far. Oh, they also contributed $76,200 to the Republicans.

And Crawford also cites the ABC/Washington Post poll which has President Obama at 54 percent approval rate.

Well, I could quote a poll that has him at 43 percent approval, but the truth of the matter is to quote the average of all polls then his approval is at 47.9, which in anyone’s mind is less than 50 percent.

And if you believe the ABC/Washington poll I have some property for sale.

One thing that I can say about our president, he doesn’t spend very much time in the White House. He leaves running the country to his left-wing radicals, and if you can defend them, then you are a radical also.

As a professor, Crawford should know what socialism is and this is just where Obama is taking the country.

What Obama said when he was running for president and what he has done since he took office are as different as day and night, even Crawford must admit that.

No transparency, no lobbyists, no pork, everything on C-SPAN.

What will it take to open everyone’s eyes to the fact that we will no longer be a free country when his term is over?

With the spending that he is putting out, how much more before people understand what he is doing to our country and the states?

When this health care is implemented it will leave the state of Ohio and all other states an unfunded mandate of more than $3.5 billion dollars for the new people who are on Medicaid, with no money coming to the state to pay it.

Just who will pay for it?

Remember the seniors are being cut $5 billion. What will they do? Is Obama a radical? By my standards, yes. And a good one and easy to see.

Homer Campbell